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IJHESM (International Journal of Humanities Engineering, Science and Management. Publishing Body: RKDF University Ranchi

Message From Editor-In-Chief

It is our proud privilege to present the Volume-2, Issue-2 of INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMANITIES, ENGINEERING, SCIENCE AND MANAGEMENT (IJHESM), a journal of RKDF University, Ranchi, based on papers selected by our editorial board and advisory committee. This issue brings out the various articles from diversified areas of Commerce, Business Management, Natural Science, Social Science, Mass Communication, Mathematics, Economics, Humanities, Business and Social Ethics, Industrial Relations, Religious Studies, Language, Literature, Information Science, International Relations, Information Technology, Health, Library Science, Cultural Studies, Demography, Women Studies, Environmental Studies, Critical Evaluation and many more. This journal is purporting to provide a podium for Researchers, Academicians and Professionals to publish their discoveries, innovative ideas, reviews on different issues (National and International), critical evaluation and analysis, data interpretation etc. to explore or discover future trends. However, this journal will also endow a forum for diffusion of knowledge on both theoretical and applied research on the above mentioned areas. It is our ultimate objective to make bridge between established theory and its practical application in the related areas of society. Thus the forum speed up and sharpen the trend of research for next generations. It is important to mention here, that our target is to make journal useful and interesting for every stake holders of our society. We are sure that the contributions by the authors (Researchers, Academicians and Professionals) shall add value to the research community. We welcome the researchers and scholars to their research findings, facts, suggestions, recommendations and reviews to IJHESM.

Editor in Chief
Dr. Shuchitangshu Chatterjee
Vice Chancellor
RKDF University Ranchi
Email: vc@rkdfuniversity.org

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