Ladies Coupe- a reflection of empowerment of New Woman

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Randhir Kumar


Feminism is a struggle for equality of women or an effort to make women equal to men. It is seen as the struggle against all forms of patriarchal and sexist aggression. The debate over the position of women, their condition in their family and society at large, has contributed in giving them many rights earlier denied. Nevertheless, the basic rights for women are still not enough to say that their position is equal to their male counterparts. Although women in general, are said to be in better positions than their earlier counterparts, but they are still in the marginalized position, because the multifaceted gender patterns work differently on women of different classes and backgrounds through culture. To eradicate this marginalisation of women, the women writers are writing about the predicaments of women in our society. The woman characters in Anita Nair’s novel Ladies Coupe seems to be the personifications of new women who have been trying to throw off the burden of inhibitions they have carried for ages. They go through the gruelling experiences of domestic oppression at the hands of the repressive forces of society but finally they revolted against the oppressions and resolved to discover them and establish them in society.  


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