A Review on Labour Laws in Odisha

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Sambhu Panigrahi


Odisha is an underdeveloped State compared to other States of India.  There are a large number of people living below poverty line.  Most of the people living below poverty line are labourers. Whether migrated or within the State, the labour force in the State faces a large number of economic problems and unable to live a certain standard of life. To look after the socio-economic wellbeing of the labourers is the duty of the government.  Hence a large number of labour laws have been framed and revised from time to time to meet the needs of the labour force in the State.  It is necessary to review these laws from time to time to find out whether they are able to reach the desired goals and fetch the results. This paper examines a few of them with the latest laws applied in Odisha after the Covid 19 pandemic.


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